Research on loudspeakers utilizing the Line Array/Line Source and Dipole principles of operation, including: True Ribbon, Planar-Magnetic, and Cone/Area Driver Loudspeakers.

Director of Research: John Whittaker

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"Measuring large dipole speakers is always problematic, because the underlying assumptions about the measurement techniques and their relationship with the device under test are no longer completely valid." John Atkinson

A new beginning in June 2001. Bob Stout ( is the benefactor of the move of the ALSR website to his server, and URL address. Many thanks to Bob, a friend of the DIY audiophile community.

31May05 - Apologies to any who might have noticed that several months ago the ALSR website was reverted to an earlier version (December 2001) from its last incarnation in June 2003.

06Jun05 - Bengt Dahlberg has created a wonderful new ribbon design for use with neodymium bar magnets. He has authored a set of webpages (in progress) detailing the DIY instructions for recreating his design. Take a look at his design and fabrication methods here (under "Projects" and "Ribbon Tweeter-A Tall One"): Dahlberg Audio Design (English). - Send Mail. Last modified: 06 June 2005 10:20

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